COPS Productions Blog #7 On the Road to Bunkerville- what does it mean, and why should I care?

18 Apr

Michael McNulty

Mike McNulty, Director of C.O.P.S.

( Citizen’s Organization for Public Safety)

Established 1-10-1989


What started this round of the Sage Brush wars -BLM’s method of dealing with the Constitution and the People.

Here we go again, or is it different this time?

This is the first of several blog entries that will report and discuss the events leading up to and including the Battle of Bunkervill Nevada on April 12, 2014. This event is perceived by many as the opening actions of the Second American Revolution. Why they are seen as such will certainly depend on the readers point of view, but it is hoped that by the time the reader completes his or her reading they will be ready to sign up for the coming struggles ahead.  If you choose to not be active in the battle for Freedom and Liberty you will be part of a majority that for now we will call “casual observers.”  Not un- like the Colonists of 1776, these folks will either be supporters of the government, “Tories” or just isolated in their own self interest, perhaps supportive of the “Rebels” perhaps not. In any event all should be familiar with the basic facts of the story that has brought us all to this point in time when the established party currently in power may initiate actions against the People that will bring about and cause those who prefer Freedom to institutionalized Tyranny to resort to the “Right to Revolution”, clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence by the Founders as a God Given Right, not once but twice in the document with the added caveat that under the circumstances described it is not only a Right, but indeed, a duty to remove the government in place that is animus to the concept of the Rights of it’s citizens, by whatever means necessary. This action can not be taken lightly and may only occur under the same kinds of circumstances endured by the Founders before they exercised that last and most fearsome Right referred to by John Locke*, below. This action can only be triggered by the aggrieved government’s actions, as a response to repeated usurpations and violations  of Citizens rights without redress or recourse. It is, literally, the last act in reaction to a despicable government and carries life altering circumstances that will effect all of us. We stand on that brink today. The battle at Bunkervill was only the opening gambit of a very long an arduous struggle, that some would say started decades ago but now has coalesced to  a point that we , the people, seek to recover our country and our freedoms from the hands of those who would prefer an elite lead democracy to the constitutional Republic the Founders bequeathed us.

Controlling the Narrative use to be foundational to controlling the Public…

In historic events like Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Oklahoma City Bombing, the government depended on a servile media to carry it’s message to the public so the perception of what was going on was always the governments version of things and this allowed the FBI and other agencies to dictate the Rules of Engagement when dealing with the likes of Randy Weaver and the Branch Davidians and David Koresh.  That all changed with the battle of Bunkervill. The main line media failed in it’s attempts to ignore what was happening in that small, desolate corner of the Nevada desert. The new media carried the day, told millions of people what the BLM was up to, presenting the Bundy side of the story and thousands of citizens responded and showed up at the scene of the Bundy families distress. Things changed. A very good analysis of the change at Bunkervill is offered by a young man named Mike Adams, at this link, see the video at the bottom of Mike’s blog page here:

The Bundy’s are only now being painted by the likes of Senate leader Harry Reid as a “Domestic Terrorist,” and the main line media is not jumping onto Harry’s band wagon because they know that Harry has skin in the game with his pals the Chinese Communists, trying to steal the Bundy’s land for a planed solar farm.  So, unlike the Waco/ Koresh portrayal by the government as a child molester trading in illegal machine guns, the Bundy’s can only be accused of not wanting to pay questionable grazing fees on land their family had owned for over 100 years, and by the way, has offered to pay those fees demanded by the Feds, to the State of Nevada.

With no way to control the narrative, the Feds now find themselves on the wrong side of their own “Rules of Engagement” because the People are watching them behave badly. Unfortunately, when Senator Reid says that ‘it isn’t over yet,’  he is correct. The institutional memory of the Government behemoth is very slow to learn from it’s mistakes. It won’t surprise many observers if the BLM comes back soon with tanks, and armored vehicles to force the Bundy’s out of their “compound” and gas them with CS, for their own safety, of course. But I progress; let’s start at the beginning, on the road to Bunkervill, 4-12-14.


Has it only just begun?


Protesters at Bunkervill pose the right question.

In his 2nd Treatise on Government the pre Revolutionary Englishman John Locke* wrote- “Whenever the Legislators, ( or their minions) endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience and are left to the common refuge, which God hath provided for all men, against force and violence.” When Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence he twice reminded those of us who read his words in our day, that we have a right and even a duty to remove, by what ever means necessary, any government that would be anathema to our God given rights. This act, referred to by the Founders and exercised by them on April 19th, 1776 is known as “the Right to Revolution.”



‘Cowboys’ versus the Aliens, Bunkervill, Nevada April 12, 2014.


Seeking the truth about a traffic Jam…Oh Brother….

After spending a long afternoon trying to confirm a report from citizens who witnessed events described below, I gave up on trying to get any thing from the Las Vegas PD Public Information office and the Clark County Sheriffs office and finally tried the Nevada Hi way Patrol. In my attempts to get information from the PD and Sheriffs offices it was very apparent that they were more interested in ‘controlling the narrative,’ than providing public information.  At one point the LVPD PIO told me that I would have to submit my request in writing, describing what information I wanted, in detail, and what my ‘story was about.’  I then reminded him that I was a journalist and didn’t submit my stories for their approval prior to writing my story, nor after writing my story- before or after getting my questions answered. That exchange marked the end of our conversation, the PIO told me to call the Nevada Hi way Patrol, so I thanked him and hung up. I have to wonder what kind of “instructions” the Feds gave the local guys about media contacts after Saturdays events.

In a much more pleasant vain, I spoke to State Trooper Loy Hixson at the Hi-way Patrol offices. First of all he was pleasant, and very helpful, as far as his knowledge of events would allow. Thank you Trooper Hixson! He confirmed that indeed there had been a traffic jam in both the North and South bound lanes of I-15 at about 11 AM, Saturday, April 12. It was 4-5 miles long west of Bunkervill , in to the  Mesquite area. The Nevada HP was involved in trying to get the I-15 traffic flowing again. It is worth noting that the Troopers on scene told Trooper Hixson that all of the people out on the hi way in the traffic jam were well behaved, followed instructions and there were no arrests during the course of events. He could not address the issues of a ‘check point’ conducted by the BLM nor the issue of the alleged confiscation of cell phones and fire arms.

I am still trying to communicate with the BLM regarding the cell phone /gun confiscation/ searches elements, but to no avail at this time. I will update this post when and if I get answers to those questions from BLM, regarding the veracity of the claims made in the following citizen accounts of events. What is concerning here is the fact that several citizens reported essentially the same stories of events that day….where there is smoke, there is probably fire…time will tell.


Traffic jam on the way to Bundy’s ranch…


 On the road to Bunkervill with Don and his wife…

While traveling on I-15 going to Bunkerville Nevada last Saturday, a man named Don an his wife came upon a traffic jam about five miles long, just outside of Mesquite, Nevada, about two miles west of Bunkerville. The word was passed from the front of the endless line of RV’s, trucks, cars and motorcycles, that the BLM had put up a “check point” and was searching all vehicles heading east towards Bunkerville for cell phones, guns and ammunition!
Don noted that he was told by several folks waiting to be searched that the cell phones were taken by the BLM agents, placed on the ground and stomped into pieces. A “chit” was issued to the hapless phone owners for a $30 dollar reimbursement. After the folks who’s cars were searched for weapons regained their senses, they began to tell the folks behind them to refuse the search…these now enlightened souls  refused the opportunity to be man- handled by the BLM agents, and were directed to pull off the road – they could not go any further towards Bunkerville. It should also be noted at this time that the FAA had also just closed the air space over the area, so TV news helicopters could not show the public what was going on I-15.
In short order, Don reports that a massive and ever growing traffic jam boxed the Federal agents and Citizens into this God forsaken section of hi- way, and the “Natives”, after having their property confiscated and destroyed were becoming quite restless.
At that point, Don notes that the BLM Rangers were becoming quite distressed, (wonder why), and it seems they contacted the Las Vegas PD who were dispatched to come rescue them and restore peace and order to the local. Don had tried with several other citizens, to contact the LVPD to assist them when the BLM Rangers smashed their phones, to no avail at that time.
In the  mean time a group of erstwhile citizens broke out their ATV’s and proceeded to go off-road towards Bunkerville to see what was happening. They had not gone far when they were halted in their ride by a group of armed Militia. They were told politely to wait were they were or to return to their vehicles and go back to the road, as it was about to get dangerous up ahead. It seems that the Militia told them that they had just “replaced” the BLM snipers situated on the next ridge with their own men. They had “escorted” the BLM guys into Mesquite and left them there to find their way home.
Don Returned to his wife and vehicle to find dozens of LVPD, a swat team and an armored vehicle assisting the BLM Rangers in abandoning their check point to return to the BLM base in Bunkerville and probably to make note of all the citizen complaints about destroyed cell phones and confiscated guns.
Don closed his remarks by observing the mindset of the BLM  agents as they departed as, “They were scared crapless.”
There were several additional reports from folks, all telling the same story, on their way to Bunkerville last Saturday, but Don’s was one of the best. Point # 1 – “Over reach anyone?”


Some of the reasons why the BLM backed off… Militiamen on Over-watch duty,


Bundy with Militia body guards…


Militiamen patrolling the flanks…



The BLM was just on the wrong side of things, and they knew it, this time.


Coming up:

COPS Blog #8 More details on the Battle of Bunkervill… Who is Harry Reid and why is he doing this?

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